We pause our regularly scheduled Superdames posts to remember Darwyn Cooke today.

It was reported yesterday that Darwyn had aggressive cancer and had entered palliative care, which is code for end-of-life care. There are early reports today that he has passed.

I didn’t know Darwyn personally, but I loved much of his work. He was a great and elegant artist, by all accounts a kind and generous person, and definitely a man with many strong opinions about comics that he was not shy about sharing (not all of which I agreed with, but many that I did).

This interview had a HUGE impact on my thinking about comics when I first found it on YouTube several years ago. He’s asked about what’s right and wrong with the comics industry about 1 minute into the video, and he delivers a graceful and forceful defense of the need for comics to appeal to all ages, and to embrace digital. 

Darwyn’s voice is definitely one of the many that I hear in the back of my head whenever I try to create my own comics.

Thank you, Darwyn Cooke, for your art, your influence, and your wisdom.


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