• jason peter todd’s extensive collection of japanese body pillows
  • (thank u @emilykcldwin)
  • he has every single member of the justice league. u know these exist guys don’t lie to yourselves
  • he sleeps with the wonder woman one
  • every single person jason has ever slept with threatens to burn it at least twice
  • jason reminds bruce that they exist constantly and bruce is cringing and jason just cackles
  • whenever bruce pisses him off he leaves the most weird sexual superman one in random places throughout the cave and mansion
  • *bruce opens closet door* *superman pillow falls out* why are you like this jason,, how did i fail you so horribly,
  • jason meeting the jl: please sign my body pillow of you
  • (the only one who actually does it is hal. who also has all the body pillows. he’s so relieved he thought he was the only one)
  • jason surprising bruce after patrol by tucking the batman body pillow into his bed
  • bruce, who is dead meat and wants to just sleep and turned the light on to see the body pillow: JASON PETER TODD

  • he’s filming all of this

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